Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our family this weekend. We have kids visiting and desire to walk in the Sprit and be a light to our family.

  • Please pray for my 14 year old nephew who hit his head today resulting in a concussion and seizure. Praying for a full and easy recovery and peace of mind for his family.

  • Please pray for the women who attended the women’s conference this past weekend. I would love to have the women who were at our conference over the weekend prayed for.  Pray for hearts to be healed and set free.  Pray that we as a church family and an incredible sisterhood can help meet those needs.  Pray for the friendships that were forged in the Mighty Name of Jesus this weekend.

  • Please pray for my dad, he is in extreme pain and they do not know what is causing it. Please pray for the church he pastors that they would be able to fill the void while he is out sick.

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • It's our Easter this Sunday and I have invited several people to join us for church, please pray for people to come and for God to do a great work in people's hearts.

    • No one else came to see the after-school program apartment this week and there has been no more contact from the couple who came by previously. We are still at peace and trusting God to work his will in this situation.  We know that God will provide either the money for us to buy it or an even better place for us to use.  Thank you for continuing to pray about this situation. 

    • Please continue to pray for us to be allowed to work again with the children at the orphanage without needing the vaccine.

    • Please continue to pray for God’s timing and direction if it is his will for me to visit the States this summer.  It looks like I may wait until next summer to come at this point.