Daily Prayer Requests

  • I’m struggling with depression. I went to the woman’s retreat and it has brought up so many emotions and I have been struggling since Saturday evening. Hearing Chrissy’s testimony was too much and it’s brought a flood of memories and emotions. I feel the enemy coming I to my thoughts. 

  • Our friends were pregnant with twins, they lost one child in the womb, had an emergency delivery. The other child was delivered premature and survived for a couple weeks until recently passing. We ask for prayer for peace for the family while they grieve the loss of their two children.

  • Please keep praying for my sister. She was transferring from the bed and felt something pop and has more pain. She's back in the hospital to get xrays to see if her pelvis is worse or if something else broke. Pray for our family to keep relying on the Lord's strength.

  • I have a prayer request for my friend, they recently found 5 masses in/on her reproductive organs. Surgery is set for May 16th to remove or perform hysterectomy. She loves the Lord.