Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a childhood friend of my daughters. He is battling schizophrenia and talks to Beelzebub.  I don’t know if the voices he hears are real or if they are demonic.  There is a battle being waged for his soul.  Please pray for healing and a clear mind.  Only Jesus can heal him.

  • Please continue to pray for our other daughter to be healed completely of the large cyst on her ovary. We will be doing another ultrasound next month to see if the treatment we are doing is helping.

  • Please pray for my sons.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following prayer requests:

    • Please keep praying for a building

    • For the women’s bible study

    • Please pray for a friend who is in the hospital with COVID-19

    • Please pray for a couple who are having marriage problems.