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  • Pray for friend Michael who lost his wife. Pray for him to know Jesus personally.

  • Please pray for my brother Ruben. He has so much anger and sadness in him that he is always in a bad mood. He has told me that he is ready to blow up on someone and he’s going to let it all out physically. Pease pray for his soul that God will trigger something in him to go back to church so God can do a great work in him. He needs God so much. I’m very worried about my brother that he is going to explode and let it all out on my sister Christina.

  • Please pray that I would gain clarity on what to do about J.B. I have been struggling with this decision/conflict for the last year.

  • Pray for free medicine for all the children in India who suffer from HIV.

  • Pray for my teenage daughter who has her first boyfriend. Pray that they would both keep their focus on the Lord and do this according to His plan. Pray for wisdom for me and my husband, and the young man’s mother, as we navigate parenting in this tricky area.

  • Pray for Rod’s business contract to get signed and finished. Pray for God’s will. Pray for my left hand for complete healing. Pray for Rod and me to walk spiritually, not in the flesh.