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Daily Prayer Requests

  • My niece was diagnosed with COVID in November. She is a long hauler. She just found out today COVID has attacked her brain, liver, pancreas and other vital organs and that her pancreas may be shutting down. She does not have any insurance or money since she hasn't been able to work since November when they sent her home. She has four children. She loves Jesus and gives Him the glory for saving her life once already from a drug overdose. She trusts him to take care of her. Please pray that God would do another miracle for her. I know that he saved her life two years ago for a reason. I pray that God would get the glory for her healing.

  • Praise Report from Send Hope Now regarding yesterday’s prayer request- Pastor Guna called late last night to tell us that he was just now able to access the funds!

  • Pray for my father’s faith (he’s Muslim).

  • Update on my grandfather: his condition went from bad to worse, he now has pneumonia, COPD, and COVID and is on a ventilator, and I don't believe he is saved.

  • Pray for my friend’s plans.

  • Pray for my aging parents, their health, their finances.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Canada, Marlon and Becca Brown who sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • Becca's Health- her biopsy came back negative for cancer, so we are thankful for that news. They still aren’t exactly sure what the source of her issues are, they are exploring various auto-immune diseases. She is working with 2 different specialists that are helping treat her, and we have seen some improvement. Please continue to pray for answers and healing!

    • Easter Sunday- We are planning to gather for an Easter Sunrise Service, this would be our first live gathering since August. Our Sunrise Service has been a tradition our church really loves, and we really didn’t want to miss. Since it’s outside, it’s technically ok to do (church services aren’t allowed, but small gatherings in the park are ok). Please pray for good weather, specifically NO RAIN that day.

    • COVID Restrictions- pray that our provincial government would lighten restrictions that restrict churches from gathering. We have made the best of this season, but I really long for our church to gather consistently face to face.

    • Openness and Boldness- despite not gathering in person this has been a really great start to the new year. The changes we have made have been well received and are bearing fruit. Pray that we would stay open and hungry for the leading of the Spirit. Pray that we wouldn’t grow complacent, but we would be ready to step out in faith wherever the Lord leads.