Daily Prayer Requests

  • I am reaching out for prayers of covering and protection over my two small children. Recently, I've had some darker behaviors come to my attention regarding a very close family member that has triggered my motherly protective instincts. I'm diligently praying that the Lord protect them immensely from the enemy, even more so while I am on a long-distance trip next month. I feel fear creeping in and need others to pray as well.

  • Prayer for my grown sons’ spirituality. They have wandered from God. 

  • My brother's wife is having bad post-partum depression, she's having bad thoughts and dreams, and my brother is trying to talk to her and potentially getting her help.

  • Please pray for my mom, my kids, and I. Pray for healing from the past for us all, safety for my kids, and more faith and selflessness for me. I really need a change of heart towards my mom. Please pray that she would come to know the Lord and that my past hurts wouldn’t get in the way of being a witness to her.

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following update and prayer requests: I had a great time with my English class this week and was able to share several scriptures and stories from the Bible during the class. Thank you for your prayers!  Unfortunately, one of my faithful students didn’t attend due to severe depression.  I was able to share scripture with her and pray for her, but it is an ongoing battle for her. Please pray for deliverance and salvation for her.

    • Please pray for one of my former after-school program students who I was finally able to connect with after not hearing from him in months. He is doing well and working in construction. He said he will come to church on Sunday (hopefully he will!).  Please pray for his salvation. 

    • God’s timing and direction if it is his will for me to visit the States this summer.

    • A woman’s battle with stomach cancer and her salvation. She isn’t doing well, she has started retaining fluids and she hasn’t been able to eat.  She needs a miracle.

    • Creative, anointed lessons for my English class.

    • Please continue to pray for one of the orphans who used to be in our family center. She is a grown woman now and is married and living in the States, but she is very angry about some traumatic experiences she and other children had in their younger years.  She desperately needs deliverance and healing.