Daily Prayer Requests

  • I need prayer for my total knee replacement surgery that has been rescheduled to this Friday (3/26), I really need prayer especially from 4-9pm. Praise God he has helped me through these changes.

  • Please pray for my nephew and his son. My nephew has a tumor in his throat. We are praying that it will not be cancerous. His son is Schizophrenic and manic depressive and a drug addict. Both are true Christians.

  • Praise report! I had put in a prayer request recently, and wanted to follow it up with a praise report. The little baby on the way (currently in the second trimester) is doing much better and the cyst is completely gone.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Italy, Brent and Hope Harrell who sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • First off, thank you for your prayers for Brent in Kenya. He is enjoying his time sharing the love of Jesus in the various places he has been traveling to. Please continue to pray for him as he teaches in the various places he visits as well as his time sharing on the radio. Pray for travel mercies, protection, anointing, discernment, grace and energy to teach on Sunday (possibly 6 churches!) Pray for him as he needs to change his flights in order to get a COVID test so that he can catch his flight back to Rome. Pray that God would give wisdom in how He would want us to be involved in His work in the future.

    • Praise God, our daughter Isabella is officially an Italian citizen! We totally thought we were just taking more documents to the office when we went, we weren't expecting it to be THE DAY. Thank you for praying her though the process!

    • Please pray for God's protection over those wishing to come to church on Sunday. As of Monday, Rome has been placed on red alert again, which means the restrictions for moving about are at their highest. Religious activity is considered an essential activity, so it is legal to go to church, but for Catholics that means that they have to go to the church nearest to them in their community. Many of our people drive quite a distance from their community to come to our church. Technically, as an evangelical believer, they have the legal right to do this since there is not a church like ours near them. However, if they get stopped by the police and that officer does not wish to care that there is a difference in being Catholic and evangelical, they can end up writing a ticket that our people would then have to deal with having to dispute in court. Please just pray that the Lord would set His angels about our people coming to church, that no one would get stopped, and that the Lord would bless those for stepping out in faith to come!

    • Continue to pray for God's protection and blessing upon our youth group.