Daily Prayer Requests

    • Follow up prayer from Monday, March 15. Praise Report: Thank you for praying for my son as he went thru another brain surgery last Monday in San Francisco. He came through very strong after the neurosurgeon team removed a new tumor and he even by-passed ICU! Not only that but he was discharged within 2 days of having his surgery. Praise the Lord! Prayer Request: Please do not quit praying for him as he is still in SF awaiting the lab results of the tumor that they removed last week. Please pray the removed tissue is not cancerous. Please pray that I can move by the end of the month to a place closer to my son, that I can help him around the house and help him get caught up with things. Please also pray for God's provision for his ongoing medical expenses.

    • After 4 long painful years the man who murdered my uncle plead guilty. I am praising God for that. I am also praying for my aunt, cousins, the rest of the family and the family of the woman he also killed that day. Prayers for comfort and forgiveness. It still aches after 4 years but God has us.

    • Please pray for a man that is trying to overcome nicotine addiction

    • Prayers for the loved ones of a man who passed away Saturday.

    • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following prayer requests:

      • Please pray for a man who came to church last Sunday and he said that his mom told him that she wants to go to church too.

      • Pray for one of the teenagers that I invited to church last Monday.

      • Pray for my sons. They are learning how to play piano and guitar with the purpose of worshiping the Lord in the church as a worship group because we don't have a worshiping group in church.

      • Pray for all the members of the church and for the ones that are visiting the Sunday services and the bible studies.

      • Pray for me to have enough love and wisdom to share the gospel and glorify the Lord in everything that I do.