Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my boss. He’s a very nice man who cares so much about others but the only thing he’s missing is Christ. Pray that God the Spirit would convince him that Jesus is Lord so that he would be saved.

  • Please continue to pray for my nephew and his recovery from being a drug addict. He has a hard time coping socially and mentally. Him and his girlfriend who is pregnant are living with me. Please pray for their salvation.

  • My friend is the president of a company where the owner is starting to get dementia. Please pray that the owner would let the company grow and not be fearful.

  • Please pray for us as we travel next weekend and our grandson who we have been taking care of for the last 10 years will be staying with his mom at his dads place. Please pray for protection over him. Please also pray for my grandson to grow in being more organized, his grades are suffering.

  • I don't sleep well. Some mornings I have to be up at 5 in the morning, then by the end of my shift I'm exhausted, then on my days off or when I don't have to be up so early, I wake up thinking I'm late for work and I get stressed, so then when I do go back to work, I'm mentally and emotionally drained.