Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my grandson, he has gone into psychosis due to not taking his meds properly as he was court ordered to do. He could lose everything that he worked so very hard for while he was in compliance.

  • Please pray for my personal finances, that God would provide for me to the point of a financial miracle.

  • Please pray for me, I often feel confused and sad.

  • Please pray Jacob & Tara O'Brien who are MAF missionaries andsent the following update and prayer requests: This past week, political protests have made it unsafe for us to move around in the city. We have been a little stir crazy but are very thankful to have a safe place to stay put. We are still looking for a personal tutor and my family is still hoping to visit in a few weeks.  This week please pray:

    • Pray that the protests would calm.

    • We would be able to obtain resident visas before our 90 day visas expire in April.

    • Pray for us as we look for a French tutor and that we would learn French well.

    • Pray for divine appointments while we are in language school.

    • Pray for the logistics surrounding our family visiting.