Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for my son’s brain surgery that took place on Monday. I have a praise report that surgery went well and he didn’t need any time in the ICU. They did find a tumor and are testing it to determine if its cancerous or not. Please continue to pray for my son, myself and for the doctors. Pray that they would have a clear direction for any further treatment that is needed.

  • Please pray for my grandson who has a medical procedure in Utah on Wednesday (3/17).

  • I have had numerous spinal fusions. These last few months I have had recurring back pain and now having numbness in my feet and trouble walking. It is not letting up and I fear that I will need to seek my doctors care once again. I ask for prayers for healing, guidance to walk this path before me. I pray to be able to return to campus for services and so grateful for your streaming!

  • Please for pray my anxiety and attacks that I developed 10 years ago to go away.

  • My wife was discharged from a health service that is really important to her and her wellbeing because they said she failed to attend an appointment but she never received a letter inviting her to that appointment. She is now really upset and distressed that she will have to go through a re-referral process that could take months, leaving her without the essential help she needs to get better. Please pray that she won’t need to be re-referred but just given another appointment.