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  • Jermain and Jessie going through divorce. Pray for their darling children.

  • Pray for Jammin’ for Lamb ministries at rescue missions. Praise God three raised their hands for salvation last week.

  • Pray for peace of Jerusalem. 

  • Pray for a young college student as she tries to complete this school year while being stalked. The man is very aware of staying just away from the line that would make his actions criminal. She is constantly worried for her safety and that of her family and loved ones. Pray that the Lord would remove this man from her life.

  • Please pray for Dani who just found out her husband has been leading a double life sleeping around and doing drugs. I am not sure if she knows Jesus. Pray she allows the Lord to bring healing and peace. Pray for her husband who was raised heavily influenced by Christian grandparents. Ask God to bring him back to the grace of the cross.

  • Please pray for my health. I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, being treated with a strict diet. I'm also going into menopause and having anxiety attacks. I have started taking hormones and medication to help me with the panic attacks. Pray that I would continue seeking the Lord and getting His guidance through this.