Daily Prayer Requests

  • We received the following anonymous prayer request. “Please pray for my family. My husband has raped me 3 times now, tried to make me feel guilty for needing space, and been so awful to our kids that they hide in their rooms when I leave the house. He might leave and he’s awful when he does that. I have nothing left.”

  • We need prayer for a big decision my husband & I need to make, as he received a pretty good job offer from an out of state company. It's a town that we really like the people, the area & the quality of life there. Please pray for clarity & discernment, that God would make our path very obvious.

  • Prayers requested for a child I work with who has been dealing with a lot of grief and trauma. Please pray that I would be a light for him and let him know that he is more than the horrible tragedies that have surrounded him.  Also, please pray for the teachers and caregivers in his life that are struggling with recent events that have affected him.

  • My friend came to Christ a couple of weeks ago and I am so thankful for that! Her life is changed forever!