Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my husband, he is headed to Oklahoma today to bring home daughter that’s been in a domestic violence situation… We have been raising her son for 11 years, we don’t know what that now will look like when she’s back here living. She is not a believer… also prayer for her son who had surgery five weeks ago and is struggling to get his knee totally straightened, or fully bent.

  • A friend is hoping to move to Boise. She is without work, but God is providing her every need. Please pray that God will open a door if she is meant to be in Boise. Please pray for continued provision for her.

  • Pray for my husband, he’s going to get an MRI because he has a nodule on his left kidney.

  • Please pray for me to keep going. I need hope. And selflessness

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who sent the following update and prayer request:

    • We were able to get plane tickets for Cynthia. She will leave mid-march and return in late April, about 6 weeks. We are praying that there will be no flight cancellations or scheduling conflicts. She will have to get a COVID test before flying out so prayer for that as well. Prayer also for Cynthia and her Mom as when they are finished in Washington, they will be driving across the country to Mississippi with her car and smaller items and possibly a cat. Prayer for all of us as that will be a month or so without Mom here which could be hard on all of us.

    • We also have to start the process for our residency this year so that is always new fun and interesting. Please pray for favor and no problems.

    • We have a scheduled date for Sage to get a new passport next week. We are driving to Bucuresti, an 8 hour drive, to renew her passport before Cynthia leaves. Prayers for traveling mercies and no problems at the embassy.