Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a young man in Salt Lake that was hit by a car on Wednesday Night. He is in critical condition.

  • We have been praying for my neighbor who had lung cancer and was in hospice. She passed away on Thursday, please pray for her family.

  • Please pray for my husband and my daughter who were both diagnosed with COVID last week and are at home recovering. Please pray for their health to be restored without complications. We suddenly lost my father a month ago and my daughter missed classes when we rushed home and has been working hard to keep up with her studies. Please pray that she will have the strength to keep up with missing more classes now that she is sick.

  • Pray for healing for a woman who is in a lot of pain from a hernia. May the Lord guide her into the best solution for her situation. She is passing through a difficult and painful time at the moment and could really use the lifting up from the body of Christ. Along with the need for hernia surgery, she needs to have a shoulder replacement surgery as well.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Slovenia, Ales and Whitney Lajar who sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • Please pray that our entire family will be healthy by next week as schools are reopening so our kids can go back to school. We have all had the flu the last month, so please pray for a full recovery.

    • Please pray for the kitchen project, as we are finally closing up the hole in our ceiling and fixing our floors due to three smaller floods during this quarantine due to a broken pipe. Please pray that it will go smoothly and that all the workers will come when they say they will. Please pray for grace as it is difficult to be without a kitchen for a month or two as a seven member family.

    • Please pray as we slowly transition back into live services with adding a few individuals to the service on Sundays. Give everybody grace to transition in the right timing and people to not be pressured.

    • Please pray for the upcoming Easter Service that we would have wisdom on how to prepare for it not knowing what laws will be in effect at the time.