Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for provision

  • I had submitted a prayer request last year for my brother in Michigan, and he had been pretty much doing great. He had a very bad brain bleed then. He is back in the hospital again with a smaller bleed. I am asking for prayer for him again.

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following update:

    • I want to praise the Lord and thank everyone for praying for the children at the orphanage. The little girl who had the blocked intestines spent nearly 3 weeks in the hospital and was facing surgery, but during this past week she was released back to the orphanage and is eating well with normal bowel movements and no longer needing surgery at all!  God is so wonderful!  She is still very weak and unable to stand on her own, but she is scheduled for physical therapy and we appreciate your continued prayers for her.  

    • My parents are one of the of the thousands of households in Texas with power outages. They have had long stretches of time (up to 17 hours) with no power and extremely cold temperatures (down to 50 degrees inside their home).  Thankfully, they have had several hours of power recently, but it lasts only hours before going off again.  I would greatly appreciate prayer for this problem to be resolved quickly for all those suffering there.

    • Please continue to pray for God’s timing and direction if it is his will for me to visit the States this summer.