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  • Pray that Valentin stays away from our home. He did come to fight with my brother Ruben. My brother walked away from the trouble that came to him. Please pray for protection over my family home and the kids who live there. Please pray God keeps them safe and also for strength and courage, joy, peace, patience for Ruben’s heart. Please pray that my brother will ask me about God so I can explain how He has worked in my life. My brother needs a good example of God. I live with him, and pray for God to give me the words to tell my brother about God Himself.

  • Please pray for everyone at Micron as they face the challenges ahead in losing their jobs. Pray doors open for them, the first being from Jesus knocking to bring them salvation, plus peace in Him as they seek employment.

  • Please pray for complete healing for Kris with autism.

  • Praise God for our community life groups. Praise God for three souls who raised hands for salvation. Praise God for His tender mercies new every morning. Praise God for our pastoral staff here at Calvary. Praise God for all volunteers.

  • Please keep praying for my grandpa. They did an MRI of his brain - it was clear no stroke, but doctor agreed there was something seriously wrong. They did a lumbar puncture to test for an infection either in the brain or in the fluid around his brain. They suspected a few different possibilities of infections (i.e., encephalitis or meningitis which are treatable). He will have to stay at least 2 or 3 days. They are starting him on antibiotics now to get a jump on it. He has been diagnosed with viral Meningitis, which is treatable with antibiotics. More follow up will come in the morning from the Neurologist.