Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please be in prayer for Cheri and her son Derick who has brain cancer. He had a seizure on Thursday. Pray for Cheri who will be moving closer to him in a month for strength and for Derick to be encouraged in the Lord right now.

  • Please pray for my husband’s healing and health.

  • My wife is seriously not coping mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally because of not getting the help with the challenges she faces as a disabled adult. Please pray that this help comes through for her and that God will fight for her to be kept safe and well and away from total collapse. Please also pray for her health issues to be fairly and accurately represented in all reports from consultants as they have not been in the past and this has also caused her a lot of distress.

  • Thank you SO much for praying! The Lord answered!! My husband felt much better the next day! He was even able to go out on his own the day after. That hasn’t happened in weeks! God is always faithful to answer when I ask for prayer from those of you who pray for us all. Thank you for your faithfulness!!

  • Please pray that the truth would come out if my husband is being awful to my baby. Just that I could catch him, or just know. There’s a few bruises on our sons leg that could totally be the accident that my husband says but I’m worried.