Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my niece, she is 8 weeks along in her 2nd pregnancy and was told there is a tear on her placenta. The only way this heals is by God’s hands.
  • Please pray for my teen daughter (14 years) and her motivation to go to school, for discipline, for self-control, for the love of Jesus to grow in her heart, to protect her mind, and for Godly friendship’s. I feel she's under spiritual attack and lots of fiery darts. Please also pray for wisdom for her father and I.
  • Please pray for the soul and salvation of Matt.
  • Please pray for our missionaries to Berlin, Germany, Clark and Ann Peddicord who sent the following update: We are still in Boise and we are doing Bible studies, business meetings, and ministry over Zoom each week with Berlin. Please pray for the following requests:
    • Clarity about when we can wisely return to Germany.
    • Black mold was discovered in the house we have been renting this year! Please pray for direction on what we should do.
    • God’s WISDOM about how He wants us to continue the ministry of building the “Transatlantic Bridge” to help connect youth to re-build positive relationships for sharing God’s Word in God’s Ways of goodness.