Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for my family in Spain. They are out of isolated quarantine.  They are allowed to come out of their rooms and step into their yard area.  One more week of no symptoms and they can actually be in the population.  My son is having X-rays tomorrow to ensure he does not have fluid in his lungs.
  • Please pray for the families of the 3 National Guard Pilots that were killed in the Black Hawk crash yesterday.
  • Please pray for our missionaries to Canada, Marlon and Becca Brown who sent the following prayer requests:
    • Continue to pray for Becca- She has some exams coming up on Feb. 10 that will prayerfully give us a clear picture as to the cause of her current health struggles. Pray for healing!
    • Pray for our church- It has been a difficult season not being able to gather in person, but we are still pressing on. The Lord has been leading us to a more of a micro/house church direction. There are many details as to why, but we are excited about the new vision and direction. I am already training new elders and pastors so that we can multiply the work and fulfill the calling that good has for our church. Please pray for the discipling and equipping of these potential pastor and leaders. Pray that they would be men that are filled with the Spirit, the Word, and a love for God’s people.
      • Pray for our church family as this new direction is bringing about changes in our current ministry. Pray that people would embrace the vision and understand that any changes we are making are for their growth and the expansion of God’s kingdom.
      • Pray for love and unity in our church family. That these two things wouldn’t just be biblical concepts, but that our love for one another would truly reflect the deep love that Christ has for us.
      • Pray for boldness - boldness in prayer, boldness in faith, boldness in the gifts of the spirit, boldness in exhorting each other from the Word, and boldness in reaching out to our neighbors.