Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for my friend starting physical therapy on his right knee. That he would be able to totally straighten it, he is in a full leg brace for another month.

  • Please pray for our family, our adult children are coming for the weekend, please pray that God‘s presence would be in our home and we would represent Jesus well.

  • Please pray for my son. He has Medical issues that we’re getting testing for. He has had swollen lymph nodes for a while

  • Please pray for my friend to know God's Fatherly love, as his dad had passed away. That he would be set free from all addictions. May God's grace & truth prevail in him and that he would have healing and protection.

  •  May the LORD speak to my friends His truth. Give them the ears to hear, hearts to perceive. Pray for grace to respond and be transformed. That they would have healing, peace and be delivered from all evil.