Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my Mom she is struggling with stage 4 cancer. I need the Father to have his Hands on her and give her strength. She had surgery yesterday, please pray for a quick recovery.

  • I am a single mother, needing prayer that God will open up the doors for a 3-bedroom place for us to live once my current lease comes up for renewal.

  • Please pray for my husband. He’s got a pretty short fuse these days and if he’s violent again I’m over it.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with Lupus, RA and hyper mobility. All Of these things are making it hard for my left hip to heal. I’ve been in pain for about a year and I would really like to no longer hurt.

  • Please pray that I would turn immediately to God and His Word when I feel lonely or overwhelmed. Too often I try to deal with it on my own and it just gets worse.  I know that God’s Word is the answer to healing and I want to overcome the old habits and just turn to Him.