Daily Prayer Requests

  • Here is an update on a request that we have been praying for. Please pray for my son and his family in Spain - his mother-in-law has been sent home to isolate, she is still fighting pneumonia but they needed the hospital bed, released her with home care.  My son has developed 2nd stage COVID with high temp and dehydration,  they are isolating him at home unless his symptoms worsen.  Spain is so far away - but I know our prayers will reach over the miles.

  • Thank you for praying for my father, he is starting a new job that is more in line with what he wants to do and matches his strengths.

  • We received the following request from Send Hope Now for Pastor Guna and Victoria. Guna had to have another dental procedure done and Victoria has to have her gall bladder removed some time soon. Please be praying for an easy procedure for Victoria and a swift recovery for both. Also, our family in India has produced a video to spread the gospel to India. Be praying that is it effecting in spreading throughout the nation and touches the hearts of those who view it.

  • Please pray this terrible rash I have will go away today.

  • Please pray for a friend who is still struggling to recover from COVID and has some strained breathing.