Daily Prayer Requests

  • I feel bad asking for a prayer for myself. I am having a hard time feeling rejected by everyone I have ever loved other than my precious daughter. I am 52-years old now and just want to stop hoping for a companion. I am obviously not in a good enough place myself to be a good mate to another. So I guess I just need prayer to help me stop having hope for a miracle.

  • Please pray for my son, he is trying to figure out visitations with his son.

  • Please pray for my mother, she’s been texting me lately with questions about the new COVID vaccine and if it contains “The Mark of the Beast” referred to in Revelation. My mother (to my knowledge) accepted Christ before I was born and was baptized, but she has not had any resemblance of a Christian walk or shown any “fruit” of a believer. I pray that God would also protect her heart and mind during all of this confusion we are living in today and that the Lord would also capture her heart again and that she would be moved to recommit her life to Him and living a life that resembles that commitment.

  • Please pray for my daughter. She was raised in a Christian home. She has gotten involved with drugs and the making of pornography. She has turned her back on God and her family. Please pray for her salvation, restoration and soul.

  • My son and his family living in Spain have been placed in COVID quarantine, his mother-in-law tested positive - she is 70 and not doing well.