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  • I am in need of friends who believe and who I can grow with. I feel as though God is telling me to join a small group, but I’m unsure of how to do so.

  • Pray for Rich for continued healing from heart valve surgery.

  • Pray for Jesus to take my fears. I worry about finances, job, legal matters, and recovery. Pray for blessings for Ryan and Tony. Pray that God would bring me a woman my own age for a wife to help me deal with my loneliness, despair, and chemical imbalance, to give me hope. Pray that I would be guided by the Spirit, and given serenity and self-esteem. Pray that God would help me cross the bridge I’m facing, take away my confusion, and end my hopelessness.

  • Prayers for me at Carrington College, I’m paying out of pocket. Pray for financial needs and exams every week.