June 9


“Without Me you can do nothing.”-John 15:5.

How true those words. How often do we fume and fuss in frustration because things aren't going our way? Life is so much easier when we remember that even though we can't accomplish anything of lasting value on our own, "with God nothing is impossible." Our Lord is the God who makes a way where there is no way. He parts seas, and levels mountains,  casts sins  as far as the east is from the west  and overcomes everything that is hard in this world. So walk in faith. Abound in trust and doubt nothing but your doubts as you pray for the following. 


  • Please pray for our family. Our daughter is moving; ask God to give her traveling mercies. Also, our son is finishing up college for the year. Pray that they will both draw closer to Jesus no matter where they are.


  • Please pray for Livia’s salvation and deliverance. Pray that God helps her overcome her insecurity, stress and loneliness.



  • Carrie asks that we pray “for our four kids to know Jesus personally,” and, for her left hand to totally heal.



  • Pray for Marge who is 95 years old. Ask that God would bless her with child-like faith now that she is close to eternity’s door. She has been seeking spiritual truth. Pray that today is the day of her salvation.



  • Many of you prayed for Greg who was seriously ill and paralyzed for a long time. He endured a series of surgeries, hospital stays and periods in convalescent centers before going home to be with Jesus in April. This week, his brother got in touch to thank us for praying over the past many months.  We are now asked to pray for their brother Steve who is having a very difficult time dealing with the sadness and brokenness he is experiencing over Greg’s passing and some other very critical recent losses.  Please ask God to break the chains that hold Steve captive so he can see God’s plan for his life and move forward, in the knowledge that the joy of the Lord is his strength.