Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our teenage son who is struggling mentally and emotionally right now. He has been depressed since before COVID, but things have gotten worse with so much isolation. Please pray that his knowledge of Jesus would translate into a relationship so that he can receive comfort from our loving God. Pray for wisdom for his dad and I as we try to love and teach him through this.

  • Pray for my office. May we be a light and have direction

  • Pray for my position if I am to leave, it is clear on who will take over my responsibilities. May it be in His timing.

  • I am having a hard time with life in general. I feel very bitter about my work circumstances and how I am being treated.  My marriage as my wife puts it is “bad”.  Because of COVID I have not been to church in a while.  I have backslid and am in need of a lot of prayer. With what is going well on in the world today I feel overwhelmed and am saddened because I have a young daughter

  • I have recently been getting so incredibly itchy all over my body, but especially on my head. Please pray for me that God would take it away! It makes it so hard to sleep. And I think it’s making me feel grumpy too.