Daily Prayer Requests

  • My wife's grandma tested positive for COVID. She is 90, please pray she would have a speedy recovery and healing.

  • I’m submitting my paperwork to the parole officer to go before the parole commission for early discharge.  Please God would make a way to get off early.

  • Prayers for a friend, he is scheduled to have orthoscopic surgery on his knee Friday 5pm. Praying it could be earlier in the day, and earlier in the week if possible… May God‘s hand to be on the surgeon , and with my friend.

  • Please pray for a friend, his blood pressure and blood sugars are not regulating correctly.

  • My Aunt is trying to get her apartment clean and rearranged for an inspection.  She’s in her eighties and having a hard time, no one in the family can help her right now.  Pray for physical strength and clarity of mind for her to get this done