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Daily Prayer Requests

  • You guys have been praying for my friend and his family and I really appreciate it. According to the medical staff he only has a few days left. Please pray for his family to have strength and to seek comfort through Jesus in this difficult time.

  • Please pray for healing for my husband’s back, he is in a lot of pain and can’t do much and is having a hard time dealing with the pain.

  • I have bruised some ribs which makes it very hard to do my job and take care of things. I need them to heal quickly. Please pray for healing

  • Please pray for a friend whose grandfather is in the hospital because he has gotten very weak. He had a stroke in the past. Pray that my friend can go visit him while he still knows her and that his belief in God would become a relationship with God.

  • My son’s breakthrough seizures have been worse for a week or so. I’m doing what the doctors tell us to do so it’s a very helpless feeling & hard to see him go through this.