Daily Prayer Requests

  • My mom was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her and my family during this difficult time.

  • Please add my friend to your prayers. She's an asthmatic battling COVID. She is an amazing ambassador for Christ. She never fails to bless, encourage, and pray for others.

  • Please pray that the spiritual attack my husband and I have been attacked with lately would be gone.

  • Please pray for our daughter, we recently found out that she is not able to see at all in her left eye. She has a doctor appointment this Friday, please pray this specialist will be able to help her.

  • Thanks for praying for my uncle. He passed away yesterday. I was able to pray with him and talk to him the night before. My mom and sister were able to be with him as he passed. Please pray for my mom as she will take care of his final wishes and estate.

  • Please pray for my friends who tested positive with COVID. One of them has been in a great deal of pain these past few days. My other friend who has it is very concerned for her mother who is almost 80 and also tested positive.