Join us for our Weekend Gathering Online starting at 9:15AM on Sundays. (Click here to read our COVID-19 updates.)



  • Pray for unity among believers for the gospel of Jesus.

  • Thank You Lord for Calvary Boise pastoral staff and elders. Thank You Lord for answered healing prayers. Thank You Lord for another day of life to serve You by loving God and loving people.

  • Pray for my work this week. Pray for my finances and my monthly budget. Pray that Ryan and Tony get back in the black financially. Pray that I would find a wife. Blessing for my efforts. Pray for a resolution in my legal situations.

  • Please pray for the process of closing on the house we are buying.

  • Please pray for Heather who needs housing, Judy who is starting chemotherapy, and Gayle with lung disease.

  • Please pray for me. I need help severely.

  • Michael asked for the Lord’s protection on his family and also for Melissa to accept Christ.