Daily Prayer Requests

  • Our missionaries to Slovenia, Ales and Whitney send this update: Our church has been gathering online as well for the past 3 weeks. We are slowly getting into the routine of having online services that we pre-record with worship and teaching and we have several small Bible study groups that are meeting mostly online. Please pray for the group leaders and those who are attending to really grow spiritually even in this time of not being able to meet physically.

  • Please pray for us as there are so many things we have to do still, pray we'll be able to take care of everything from the death of my dad. The process of probate is going to be long and uncertain and difficult. 

  • Please pray for a women’s battle with stomach cancer and for her salvation.

  • Please pray for a women who is struggling with nursing and also pray for her baby who is sick.

  • Our family we could really use prayer to keep our trust in Him fully. That even though we don’t know what’s going on, or how it’s going to happen and when, that we would rest fully in Him no matter what. 

  • Pray for our neighbors and the opportunity for us to share God’s truth with them. They are very nice and friendly so has not taken as much time as our old house to begin getting to know them. 

  • Please pray for my health, for my wife as she plans to travel to Congo in December to visit her family, and be there for her sister's wedding, after 19 years of being away. We would ask for God's provision for every need and His protection from every sickness or problems. For our kids, for their future: For my daughter to finish university, for my son to repent and turn back to the Lord and for my other son to finish university. 

  • Please pray for our 15-year-old son who is struggling with online learning. The motivation just isn’t there. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and patience with the process, and that he would continue the momentum on the weeks he’s at his mom’s house.