Daily Prayer Requests

  • Marlon and Becca Brown, our missionaries in Vancouver, Canada, ask that we pray for their oldest son Judah as he does schooling online. Pray for clarity and success for him, as well as wisdom for Marlon and Becca as they come alongside and help Judah with school. Pray also for his spiritual growth.

  • Please pray for a friend for healing from hearing loss, memory loss, bad posture, body pain, blood pressure, and others. Pray also for freedom from debt.

  • Please pray for excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle.

  • Please pray for healing of my dog’s cancer, her tumor keeps growing on her stomach. Please pray for healing of all other discomfort and sickness. Please pray that God blesses her with a long life.

  • Please pray that no part of our group's property will have to be expropriated anymore and that the limb ache/pain I'm experiencing will soon disappear.