Daily Prayer Requests

  • Brent Harrell, our missionary in Rome, Italy, asks that we pray for healing for his wife Hope’s shoulder.

  • Please keep praying for Miguel Cruz, our missionary in Mexico. It’s been three weeks, and Miguel’s facial paralysis is not getting any better.  (The left side of his face was paralyzed by a mini-stroke, according to the doctor.)  His brother-in-law told him that he had the same issue, and acupuncture helped it.  So Miguel and Luisa are planning to ride the bus to Mexico City to see an acupuncturist.  They will leave Wednesday, and will probably have to stay two weeks.  (Miguel’s doctor neither agrees or disagrees with this treatment.) 

  • Please pray for me. After some tests I found out I have a sinus tachycardia and a hole in my heart, which puts me at risk for strokes.

  • Please pray that I could get a 2nd job, to get a little savings built up and also to provide for my children. Pray that I could remarry a godly man someday. Pray that my girls’ hearts would be drawn deeper to the Lord and they would desire to walk with Him.

  • Please pray that my blood pressure will stabilize.

  • My mom is having a hard time over the loss of my dad. Please pray for her healing and to come close to Christ in this.