Daily Prayer Requests

  • Marlon and Becca Brown, our missionaries in Vancouver, Canada, ask that we pray for their family to be committed to spending time as a family in prayer, devotions, together. As hard as a season we have had, we are still thankful in this pandemic because we have gotten to spend a lot of quality family time.

  • Pray for our daughter’s visit to see us for a week and a half. Pray that God’s love and presence would be in our hearts and our home.

  • I got to share the gospel with a woman two weeks ago and pray. She is coming out of drug addiction and wants to learn more about God. She wants desperately for herself and for her family to stay sober for good. Please pray for her anxiety, for victory through the spiritual attacks, and for her to surrender all to Jesus.

  • My cousin Jacob is getting married on Saturday. Please pray that even though their wedding day is not what they had planned for it to be, that God will bless them so much with his presence that their day will be better than they could have imagined.  

  • Pray for a couple who has been trying to have a baby for a long time now. Pray for God’s provision in His perfect timing, and for comfort for them in the waiting.