Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a family to have peace in their hearts.

  • Please pray for a good friend, a Group Leader at his church, who has learned of some concerning doctrinal positions held by leadership. The church hides this prevailing system of belief from the congregation so as to not offend anyone. Pray for an open and meaningful forum where members and leadership can openly and lovingly come together to discuss this issue. The church is at a crossroads. May the Lord grant my friend wisdom, courage and spiritual strength to lead and stand faithfully against the growing winds of false doctrine permeating his church.

  • Pray for my kids. They have so much homework to do every week with this new way of learning online.

  • Saul Alvarez, our missionary in Tepic, Mexico, asks that we pray for him and his wife to not get stressed out with all the work they have to do between homework with the kids, work, and the chores in the house and church.

  • Send Hope now, the ministry we support in India, asks that we pray for the kids in India. India schools have been closed for 4 months now, and we don’t want students to lose their passion for education. Please pray with us that schools will open soon.