Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a family who’s oldest son is in the hospital (no visitors allowed) having undergone surgery for a bowel obstruction. Please pray for quick and uncomplicated healing and for God to reveal Himself to him in great and awesome ways of comfort and peace. Please pray for his parents to be able to love and be there for their son in such a strange time. Pray for the body of Christ absorb their pain and difficulty serving them, making their burden less heavy on their hearts and minds. God alone is able.

  • Please pray for a lady who recently got and x-ray that found a black spot in her lungs. Doctors say it could be emphysema. She is fine if it is her time but does not want to be afraid. Please pray for healing , courage and for questions about the Lord and His kingdom to be answered.

  • My father passed away very suddenly Friday night and we will be traveling back to the US tomorrow morning, please pray for my family and our travels.

  • Please pray for my best friend’s daughter, she is deep into the lie’s of the world.

  • The Lord is nudging me to move to Boise where I have a few family members residing. Much to do to get ready. Thank you for taking the time to pray with me. Stay Blessed! Your Sister-in-Christ.