• Pray for peace in Jerusalem.

  • Please pray for my unsaved loved ones. Unspoken requests.

  • Please pray for Joanne, she is in the hospital with a dark mass behind her bladder.

  • Please pray for Kendall, a young female college student who is being stalked. Despite a protection order, and involvement by the police and the college she attends, this man has not backed down. Because they were never in a relationship, and because he hasn’t yet attempted to hurt her, there is nothing authorities can do. Because she goes to a small Christian college on an ROTC scholarship, she can’t leave. She graduates in May. Please pray for protection over her physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Pray also that the Lord intervenes and removes this man from her life.

  • Pray for Rod’s business and contract to get signed. Pray for a stress-free morning and afternoon. Pray for Matt going to Ambrose, not to battle with getting ready and homework. Pray for healing of L’s hand. Pray we would walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.