• Please pray for John, who lost his job with the railroad after 20 years and needs help to take care of his wife and three children.

  • Please pray for Kendall, a young female college student who is being stalked. Despite a protection order, and involvement by the police and the college she attends, this man has not backed down. Because they were never in a relationship, and because he hasn’t yet attempted to hurt her, there is nothing authorities can do. Because she goes to a small Christian college on an ROTC scholarship, she can’t leave. She graduates in May. Please pray for protection over her physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Pray also that the Lord intervenes and removes this man from her life.

  • Melissa has thyroid x-rays and needs prayer that no cancer is detected. Tiger needs help with his finances.

  • Please pray for Linda to be healed of shingles.

  • Please pray for Tanya, who has been struggling with a particularly difficult autoimmune flare up over the past month. She has spent a good 70-80% of the last 4 weeks in bed. Please pray for her body to get to a stable place, mental and emotional strength to endure, and to allow God to teach and renew her during this time. Also prayer to find a better medical doctor, that has been particularly difficult in the last 2-3 years.

  • Please pray for Amber, Jason, Luke, and Matty. This week has been particularly rough with new issues with Matty’s school. Please pray that God would go before them and prepare the right solution, and give them strength to endure yet another trial. Pray also for Amber as she leads worship this evening, that God would be glorified and she would be blessed.

  • Pray for our President and Vice President for wisdom and godly counsel and protection.