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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my hometown of Medford Oregon, which is largely on fire right now. Please pray for safety of all but particularly of my family and friends as well as preservation of property.

  • Please pray to Father God to grant me the knowledge and wisdom regarding money.

  • Natalie Bridges, our missionary in Bistrita, Romania, asks for prayer for a young man she has been witnessing to who used to attend the after-school program. He came to church on Sunday, and at lunch afterward she was able to share the gospel with him. Before they left he downloaded a Bible app and told her he planned to read the Bible every day. Pray for him to come to know Jesus!

  • Thank you for praying for a woman’s situation with her neighbor.  Although it isn’t resolved yet, they have not had any conflicts with him and we are trusting God to work things out peaceably.

  • Please pray for Miguel and Luisa Cruz, our missionaries in Ayotzintepec, Mexico. They were able to visit Ana Luz before she passed away, and were blessed by their time together, and by the fact that she is now in the presence of Jesus. Pray for the rest of their time with family before they head home, and that the church would be blessed while they are away.

  • Pray for a man who was in a really bad bike crash, and fractured his c6 vertebrae, which is responsible for the stability of the head. He is expected to recover fully, but is in a lot of pain, and has deep bruises all over his body. Please pray for quick recovery for him.