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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for one of my best friends. She had a biopsy Wednesday morning and was told it looks like she has cervical cancer. Please pray that she doesn't have cervical cancer. 

  • Please pray for my nephew Jaden. His mom passed away when he was 12 and his dad has not been taking care of him for the last 4 years. The dad and his girlfriend are into drugs. Jaden has been on his own and he moved up north on his own to work with a good family over the summer. He decided he wants to go to online school in the Weiser district and continue to live up north. His dad is looking at losing the social security payments he gets for Jaden so he wants Jaden to move back to Weiser by Monday. Jaden wants to be emancipated but he has to be 17 and that won't happen until February. The home in Weiser us filthy and the adults are using drugs probably meth. Please pray for God to intervene.

  • Please pray that my husband can sleep so he can work and feel better.

  • Antonio and Carmen, our missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico, ask for prayer for their church family as they have been able to reopen and have services in person. Additionally, Antonio has been able to resume visiting the indigenous missionaries. Please continue to pray for their growth and effectiveness.

  • Brent and Hope Harrell, our missionaries in Rome, Italy, ask that we pray for their Saturday morning evangelism. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them to those who are hungry for the gospel truth. Pray against the schemes of the enemy and the satanic strongholds that keep people in bondage to sin.

  • Our baby daughter Joanna (37 weeks) was born Friday is doing well by God’s grace, but she had high bilirubin level and taking her milk very slow. They have drawn the blood test just now. Please pray that it should be low and also she take her fluids.