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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Brian and Cynthia Fouts, our missionaries in Bistrita, Romania, asked for prayer for their church as the government is loosening restrictions a bit. They are starting up a Wednesday night Bible study, and preparing for baptisms at the end of the month.

  • Pray for healing for my left knee, and healing for my husband’s back.

  • Please continue to pray for Saul and Angelica, our missionaries in Tepic, Mexico. They are caring for their church family during very high infection rates in Mexico.

  • Please pray for my anxiety and depression that it may lessen without needing a hospital. God, it hurts so bad, please take it from me and refill me with joy and peace that only You can give.

  • Please pray that my brother would be saved and walk with the Lord.

  • Since I was 11 I was caught in the trap of pornography, whenever I'd try to fight it it would last a moment, hour or a day or two I'd pray for forgiveness but at the same timeframe I'd screw up again. now I'm 19 and still stuck on where I am, I'd even moved here and was baptized last year and I still feel like I'm screwing everything up and worrying about what the Bible says about willfull sin to the unforgivable sin, how the End Times is going to work out, if I have the faith to be saved, etc. Being autistic, it's easy for me to be anxious and worry all the time. Please pray that I'd not only hold steadfast in my faith, but also to grow and not be anxious nor worry about anything.