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  • Pray for the cure for all cancer.

  • For our family that we seek Jesus’ love for us first through our trials rather than anger.

  • Today is the appraisal on the house we are buying. Please pray that all goes well and we can move in to our first home in the next few weeks.

  • Patti, a lady I met who is looking for a roommate. She has had a rough life and lives in a slum, but is happy to have a roof! I pray that she finds the Lord.

  • My brother Rob needs a place to live. God miraculously brought him to Boise from Florida and God led me to him! Pray that my daughter will come back to the Lord. Pray also that my husband will stop being bitter towards God and be a spiritual person, if not a leader.

  • Pray for my older brother and his wife who are stationed in South Korea that they come home safely.