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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I lost my way during this quarantine. I went on a trip back to New Mexico and came back to sadness and depression that is eating me up. I feel like I'm losing myself to darkness and I can’t stop crying. I'm yelling and running away from my kids to cry in the bathroom. Please pray that I can be at peace and let the old me go. Help me to set my soul at peace I just want to give up. I feel so alone.

  • Pray for my dad, who is addicted to meth. I desire for him to grow close to the Lord and be set free from his addiction. Please pray with me for a transformation in his life, and that he would abide in God’s will.

  • Pray for the homeless/displaced and the many children. They are being made to leave campgrounds and really have nowhere to go. All ages and walks of life, including hard working people. We should never judge. Take the time to meet them and hear their story. Remember it can happen to anyone including me. Please pray for the children in this heat and for their safety. Most of all for the salvation of the families. our greatest home is not here. They need hope in our Lord and loving Father.

  • Pray for my friend who is pregnant and will be induced on Sunday. She has some complications, and it’s a miracle that she’s made it to 37 weeks. Pray for a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby. This is their first child after years of praying.

  • Please pray for my sister. She is the one who has guillane barre and transverse myelitis and has been paralyzed from it. She is losing her job next month and will not have medical insurance. She needs to keep having therapy. She also has a spot on her kidney and will have to have a biopsy to check to see if it is cancer. It's all too much. Please pray for the Lord to provide and heal. I know He will but it's hard to believe it right now.