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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Mark who lives in Boise. He is resisting going to church. Please ask the Holy spirit to touch his heart and heal his wounds.

  • Please pray for my brother, who has been running from the Lord for nearly 30 years. His adult son was baptized on Sunday, and my brother didn’t come. We are praying for a mighty work of God in changing his heart and that he would truly know the love of Jesus.

  • My parents are putting their house on the market on Thursday. Please pray that it will sell quickly so they are able to close on the house they’d like to purchase for their retirement. We have seen God’s hand in huge ways in this process, and are just praying for a continuation of Him pouring out His amazing grace.

  • Pray for my brother who is running from the Lord. He grew up in the church, but is very set in his ways and doesn’t want to admit his need for Jesus. We are praying for God to work a miracle and draw him to Himself.

  • Please pray for my daughter who is caught up in the deception of a Humanistic Bible called “The Good Book.” She is married to a woman and every attempt I make to try to reach her for Christ and communicate with her seems to get shut down.

  • Please pray for a woman from our church who is heading out of town for six weeks of army training. Pray for health and safety, as well as success for her.