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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my family. My great niece has tested positive for COVID and a lot of us were exposed. The twins were tested yesterday. My sister and baby John are immune compromised so praying for God's protection.

  • Please pray for healing for my back. I tweaked it this morning and now have limited mobility. I’ve never had back issues, so I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m praying the Lord will heal me quickly.

  • Pray for my friend whose adult daughter is visiting her for a week. Their relationship is complicated. The mother is praying for a breakthrough, orchestrated by the Lord, to draw her daughter back to Him and restore the relationship.

  • During the pandemic, Antonio and Carmen Hernandez, our missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico as that we pray for online service to continue and for additional equipment, including a website that is being worked on.

  • My husband just got a new promotion, which is a huge answer to prayer! Please be in prayer for his leadership, confidence, protection, and discernment; that He may be a light to his team, have authority, boldness and certainty to lead his staff with truth. We’re asking the Lord to give us guidance and provisions to buy a home; wisdom on what community we belong. And, additionally, asking for strength to eat/drink and exercise better so that we can take care of our health.