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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my grandpa who for the past two years has been having episodes and incidents that indicate the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. He does not yet know that is what it is, but my grandma is concerned for him. Please pray for them. My grandma has had MS for years. Thankfully, the last two years it seems to be in remission so that has helped her day to day life greatly! Please pray that she will have peace and patience in interacting with my grandpa during these difficult and trying times. Please also pray for my dad as he travels down to spend the week with them. He isn’t super worried about my grandpa, but just wants to take this time that he has available to make sure to see his dad while he still remembers who his family is. 

  • I pray that my back injury and UTI go away and the pain of it and the pain of having depression and anxiety go away as well. Please help me Jesus. I pray I not wind up in a hospital.

  • I recently came in contact with a family who had twins prematurely at 24 weeks, 3 weeks ago. Their daughter passed away about a week ago and their son is fighting for his life in the NICU. He has pneumonia and is septic. They also have a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old who are being cared for by older siblings while mom and dad stay in the hospital night and day. In addition, they have two litters of puppies. I don’t know if this family knows the Lord. I do know they don’t have a support group or family to help them out. They need lots of prayers! And possibly meals for their children at home.

  • Please pray for my family. My great niece has tested positive for COVID. We were gathered together yesterday. Please pray that baby John doesn't get this. My sister should not get this. It would be more dangerous for both of them. Pray we would be protected and trust in God's plan.

  • Pray for parents who are trying to decide what to do regarding school for their kids this fall. Pray that the Lord would protect the kids, and make a way for their education and a sense of normalcy to continue.