• Please pray for my sister Paige who has walked away from God.

  • Pray for my ex-husband John that he can find God, forgive himself, overcome evil, and that he can fill himself with the want and strength to fall in love with our kids again. For mercy to be granted to him and his life and our kids.

  • Pray for Rich for continued healing from heart valve surgery.

  • Please pray that God will give me clarity and direction regarding who He wants me to become, and where He wants to go.

  • I'm 45, never been in a relationship. I have been praying for relationships for over 22 years. Please pray that God sends me a life partner quickly real soon.

  • Please pray that Justin's heart is captured by the Lord and he fully surrenders to Christ and His will for his life, so that reconciliation may come about with his wife, that God may be glorified.