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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Saul and Angelica, our missionaries in Tepic, Mexico, ask that we pray for their job at the flea market. Because of coronavirus, they will have more restrictions, and sales will go down again. Only 30% of the market will be able to work 5 hours a day until this thing gets better.

  • For healing for my aunt and uncle, Martha and Gary, both are over 70 and are positive for covid. Gary also now has pneumonia and was hospitalized yesterday.

  • I've had horrible acid reflux for years and a hiatal hernia, I've been told it appears I have Barrett's esophagus and I'm very scared. Please pray for me and my family as fears of esophagus cancer is there and it's very painful to breathe and eat. I've had horrible anxiety as I've been placed on numerous medications with side effects. So far, I'm waiting for the medications to work as I'm still struggling. Please pray for me, one day at a time. 

  • Please pray for me, I just received some life-altering news. Pray for wisdom, peace, and trusting God though this.

  • Please pray for our family as we have made the decision to keep our girls home for school at least through the end of the year. They will start online distance learning through the school district Aug 5. Praying for focus and motivation and for patience and grace.