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Daily Prayer Requests

  • To get into the Bible more often.

  • Praise that I’ve had a really good week. Prayer for purity and guidance for my future.

  • I have been having long lasting heart palpitations for weeks now and my adrenal system is going crazy. The doctors are unable to determine the cause so far. Praying that God will help me to stay fixed on Him and rejoicing in Him despite feeling wrecked and afraid, but also healing.

  • Prayer for understanding and guidance when it comes to the current political realm and to know what stance to take.

  • Praise that I’ve made lots of progress inter personally and lots and lots of prayer to help figure out a relationship and to make the right choices.

  • For my father who is having a very hard time with getting stiffed a lot of money from people who own him and losing his mother.

  • Prayer for wisdom.